CTP claims

The information relates to claims arising from accidents that happened in Queensland on or after 1 October 2000.

Who can make a claim?

What can be claimed?

How to make a claim

After you lodge your claim

Rehabilitation and treatment

How to settle your claim

Legal advice

Interstate CTP Authorities

Frequently asked questions

Overview of the Queensland CTP claims process

See the overview page for a flowchart of key steps and timeframes in the CTP claims process.

Managing your own claim

You are able to deal directly with the CTP insurer about your claim. You do not have to have a solicitor acting for you. Visit the tips page if you choose to manage your own claim.

Interstate accidents

If the accident occurred outside Queensland you should contact the relevant interstate authority.

Accidents before 1 October 2000

There are some differences in processes and what can be claimed if your accident was before 1 October 2000. Please contact the relevant CTP insurer or the MAIC CTP Enquiry Line on 1300 302 568 for information about how to make a claim.

Last modified 7 July 2016