Eyes on Fatigue

In March 2019, the Motor Accident Insurance Commission (MAIC) provided support to the Queensland Trucking Association for the ‘Eyes on Fatigue’ project. It involved the fit out of eye monitoring technology across participating heavy vehicle companies, as a means of detecting driver distraction and fatigue amongst their driving fleet. MAIC also supported the research component of this pilot study, with Dr Darren Wishart from Griffith University engaged to undertake analysis of the data to determine the effectiveness of the technology. The pilot has been successfully completed and identified that while this equipment has some potential, several opportunities for enhancement exist.

As a result of this finding, Dr Wishart worked with the Queensland Trucking Association to produce a guide aimed at heavy vehicle operators interested in using this equipment in the future to assist them in setting up the necessary processes and structures to ensure its best utilisation. This guide was recently presented at a Trucking Association national conference and received positive feedback and interest, and was downloaded more than 450 times.

Learn more via the Queensland Trucking Association website.

Last modified 27 May 2022


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