Help with Online medical certificates

Learn how to get an Online medical certificate through your General Practitioner (GP):

Six steps to requesting an Online medical certificate

Login and register


Login and register on the Queensland CTP claim portal.

Generate medical certificate request ID


Firstly, create a new Online claim form (learn how). Then visit page 6 ‘Police report / medical certificate’ to generate a medical certificate request ID.

Email details to yourself


Email the medical certificate request ID and instructions to yourself to provide to your medical practitioner.

Visit your medical practitioner


Take the email with your request ID and instructions to your appointment and ask your medical practitioner to complete an Online medical certificate.

Receive Online medical certificate


Once your medical practitioner submits the Online medical certificate, you will receive an email notification. You will then find the medical certificate attached to your Online claim form. Review your medical certificate to make sure it was completed correctly. If anything needs to be changed, see your practitioner again with the same request ID.

Submit your claim online


Once you obtain all the necessary supporting documents, upload them to the ‘Upload supporting documents’ section on page 14. Then press ‘Submit’ and your claim form will be securely delivered to the CTP insurer.

Last modified 24 August 2021


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