How should you be covered if you’re injured by an automated vehicle?

Automated vehicle

Automated vehicles will shift our approach to mobility, ease traffic congestion and improve road safety.

Vehicles that can drive for themselves, for all or part of a journey, are being trialled for use on Queensland roads in the coming years.

While automated vehicles may improve road safety in the long term, accidents may still happen. For the first time, we need to consider how insurance should cover accidents that involve automated vehicles.

Our aim is for people who are injured by an automated vehicle to receive the same important protection as people who are injured by a ‘regular’ vehicle.

The National Transport Commission released a discussion paper (PDF, 3MB) on how best to achieve this goal.

Have your say on the discussion paper by 12 December 2018.

Your input will help us to ensure that Queensland road users continue to benefit from an effective CTP insurance scheme, both now and in the future.

Last modified 23 October 2018