Injury management initiatives

MAIC supports injury management research and initiatives aimed at improving the health outcomes for people injured in road traffic crashes.

MAIC invests directly in research and education projects that aim to eliminate or reduce the causes of motor vehicle crashes and, where this is not possible, ensure those injured are provided with access to appropriate care and rehabilitation to facilitate their recovery.MAIC’s funding is directed towards a wide range of activities that focus on improving treatment and rehabilitation and encouraging better health outcomes for people injured in road traffic crashes.Key partnerships include:

  • The Recover Injury Research Centre (previously CONROD) at the University of Queensland facilitates research in relation to designing better therapies, telerehabilitation and return to work, all aiming  to improve physical and psychological outcomes for people after injury, particularly for those injured in road traffic crashes.
  • The Hopkins Centre at Griffith University and the Metro South Hospital and Health Service. The Hopkins Centre conducts interdisciplinary research that aims to improve disability and rehabilitation practices, and the services and systems that support people living with acquired brain injuries, spinal cord injuries, amputations, persistent pain and other lifelong disabilities.
  • Spinal Cord Injury Research Project at Griffith University.

MAIC also supports research positions through the Queensland Brain Institute, Children’s Hospital Foundation, to facilitate research in relation to traumatic brain injuries and paediatric rehabilitation.  MAIC is also currently funding a pilot Transitional Rehabilitation Service through Queensland Health to provide people with acquired brain injuries access to specialist rehabilitation services to support their transition back into the community.

Last modified 22 February 2018