MAIC helped establish RECOVER Injury Research Centre with the University of Queensland and Griffith University in 1997 to inform policy and clinical practice to improve the health, psychological, social and vocational outcomes of people with injuries and disabilities

RECOVER (previously CONROD) is a leading Australian Centre committed to producing breakthrough research for better health and lifestyle outcomes after injury, especially injury after a road traffic crash. Recover are recognised internationally, having produced world-class research focusing on injury rehabilitation and disability for almost 20 years. Led by world-renowned expert in pain and disability psychology Professor Michael Sullivan, Recover are an important partner with MAIC.

Recover currently have research programs in the fields of:

  • Medical and Allied Health Rehabilitation
  • Social and Behavioural Science
  • Community and Vocational Rehabilitation

Resources, tools and recent publications in relation to a range of topics including whiplash, psychological injury and vocational rehabilitation can be found at the RECOVER website.

Last modified 18 September 2019


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