Tougher penalties for distracted drivers

driver textingAre you messaging when you should be driving?

From 1 February, if you get caught using your phone illegally while driving, you’ll cop a $1000 fine and lose 4 demerit points.

Using your phone while driving is just as dangerous as drink driving. On average 25 people are killed and 1235 seriously injured each year on Queensland roads as a result of crashes where driver distraction played a part.

It’s illegal to hold your phone in your hand to text, talk, receive a call or perform any other function while driving or riding, even when you’re stopped at traffic lights. This includes holding the phone up to, or near your ear.

The penalties and rules are slightly different depending on your licence. Learn which apply to you.

Checking a work email isn’t worth risking a $1000 fine, 4 demerit points… or your life. Save your cash and demerit points; simply set your phone then leave it alone. Find out more.

Last modified 6 April 2021


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