Forms for claimants

Please use the forms below to lodge a claim for an injury in a motor vehicle crash.

Witnessing requirements for forms

The Notice of Accident Claim Form (Non-Fatal or Fatal), the Additional Information Form and the Claimant Certificate all need to be signed.

These signed forms must be witnessed by:

  • a justice of the peace, commissioner for declarations, or notary public under the law of the State, the Commonwealth or another State; or
  • a lawyer; or
  • a conveyancer, or another person authorised to administer an oath, under the law of the State, the Commonwealth or another State.


If you are signing one of the documents listed above and you are outside Australia, the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade has contact details for Australian Government embassies, high commissions and consulates where you may be able to obtain assistance to find a person who meets the above requirements.

Prior to lodging your claim form, if you have not already reported the accident to a police officer, you will need to complete the Report of Accident to Police Form and take it to a police station.

The Notice of Accident Claim Form includes some certificates that need to be completed:

  • a Medical Certificate for a non-fatal injury claim (to be completed by your doctor)
  • a Claimant Certificate (to be completed by you)
  • a Law Practice Certificate (to be completed by your lawyer if you have engaged a lawyer to act on your behalf).

If you are lodging a claim for non-fatal injury from a motor vehicle crash, you can lodge your claim for non-fatal injury online or through the PDF version. Choose your preferred option below.

Electronic Notice of Accident Claim (eNOAC) Form (Non-Fatal Injury)

If you are making a claim as a spouse or dependant of a person who sustained fatal injury in a motor vehicle accident, you must complete the Notice of Accident Claim Form (Fatal Injury) in its PDF version. Our online claim form is not yet available for claims involving fatal injury.

In some circumstances, the CTP insurer may require you to provide additional information in relation to your claim. If so, you must complete the Additional Information Form.

Last modified 1 February 2021


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