Purchasing CTP insurance

You can purchase your CTP insurance from any of Queensland’s four licensed CTP insurers and when you register your vehicle through the Department of Transport and Main Roads (DTMR). When choosing your insurer, price may be only one of the factors you consider. Insurers may offer some add-on products or incentives to change CTP insurer. You will need to contact the individual insurers to obtain information on their respective CTP product.

For more information, visit changing CTP insurer.

Rideshare and Booked Hire Operators

There are new requirements for drivers operating rideshare or booked hire services. Visit our CTP for Rideshare Operators page to find out more.

Unregistered Vehicle Permit (UVP)

Moving unregistered vehicles, trailers or caravans on Queensland roads may require you to get an unregistered permit. You will also need to have Class 22 CTP insurance. The cost of CTP insurance is separate to the unregistered permit fee. With Class 22 insurance, you will need to pay the base rate for the first day plus the daily rate for any additional days. You can purchase an unregistered vehicle permit from any licensed CTP insurer. This permit will provide you with a CTP Insurance certificate, which will permit you to drive the vehicle directly to the nearest Safety Certificate Inspection (Roadworthy) station and directly on to DTMR to register the vehicle. You must carry the CTP Insurance certificate and a completed Application for Registration in the vehicle with you. No other road use is permitted before the vehicle is registered.

More information can be found on DTMR’s Unregistered vehicle permit page.

Last modified 10 October 2017