After you lodge your claim

To help you understand the steps involved after you have lodged a CTP insurance claim, see our overview of the CTP claims process.

If you choose to manage your claim yourself, see the tips page for practical advice to help you during the claims process.

The CTP insurer’s obligations

On receipt of your claim form, the insurer must:

  • contact you within 14 days of receiving the Notice of Accident Claim Form to advise you if:
    • your claim form was lodged correctly
    • the insurer will or will not pay for the costs of reasonable and appropriate rehabilitation expenses you may need.
  • make a liability decision within six months from the date of receiving a correctly lodged claim form.
  • attempt to settle the claim as soon as practicable.

Making a liability decision

A claims manager from the insurer will decide whether liability for your claim is accepted. For liability to be accepted it must be determined that another person is at fault. To make the liability decision the insurer may need to investigate the accident. If the insurer admits liability they agree that the vehicle insured by them was at fault for the accident.

If the insurer denies liability and you disagree, you can attempt to resolve this informally or at a compulsory conference with the insurer. If the liability dispute still cannot be resolved, you (or your lawyer if you are legally represented) will have to take the matter to Court for resolution.

Once the insurer accepts liability or agrees to pay for the costs of reasonable and appropriate rehabilitation, the insurer must:

  • take steps to ensure reasonable and appropriate rehabilitation services are provided
  • meet the reasonable costs of medical, hospital and medication expenses.
    • The insurer may not pay the full amount of these costs if they decide that you are partially at fault for the accident.
    • The insurer may be prepared to pay for treatment and rehabilitation services without accepting liability however the insurer must first give approval.

For further information on insurer funding of reasonable and appropriate rehabilitation see the Rehabilitation advice page.

Your obligations

You must be prepared to help the insurer with its investigation of the accident and assessment of your claim. You may need to:

  • give specific information, photographs, documents or records to the insurer
  • have a medical examination or assessment
  • complete an Additional Information Form (PDF, 252 KB).

You are also required to inform the insurer of any significant change that may affect your claim, such as a change in your medical condition or your work situation.

You must also take all reasonable steps to recover from your injury. Reasonable steps include:

  • undertaking recommended medical treatment
  • participating in recommended rehabilitation
  • returning to work as soon as you are able or taking steps to find work.

Last modified 15 August 2022


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