Rehabilitation standards and guidelines

The Motor Accident Insurance Commission, in consultation with insurers and health professionals, has developed rehabilitation standards for Queensland CTP insurers to ensure an injured person who has lodged a CTP claim receives timely, appropriate and reasonable rehabilitation, regardless of which CTP insurer is involved. The Rehabilitation standards for CTP insurers (PDF, 302KB) aim to:

  • provide CTP insurers with best-practice industry standards when providing rehabilitation to injured people with CTP claims
  • promote a culture of continuous improvement amongst CTP insurers in meeting their rehabilitation obligations
  • encourage a consistent approach to rehabilitation within and between CTP insurers.

The Motor Accident Insurance Commission has also issued guidelines to give CTP insurers practical guidance to assist in the provision of appropriate and reasonable rehabilitation to injured people in line with rehabilitation standards. The rehabilitation standards and related guidelines apply to the management of claims from the date of issue, and as updated from time to time, whether the claim was made before or after that date.

View our table of standards and guidelines below.

Document name Document short name Link to PDF Date issued Prior versions
Rehabilitation standards for CTP insurers Rehabilitation standards Rehabilitation standards (PDF, 302KB) 2 August 2021 View prior versions
Guideline for CTP Insurers: Contacting legally represented claimants for rehabilitation and treatment Direct claimant contact Direct claimant contact (PDF, 117KB) 2 August 2021 N/A
Guideline for CTP insurers: reasonable and appropriate rehabilitation and treatment Decision-making tool Decision-making tool (PDF, 137KB) 2 August 2021 View prior versions

These standards and related guidelines should be read in conjunction with the Motor Accident Insurance Act 1994 (Qld) and the Motor Accident Insurance Regulation 2018 (Qld).

We will monitor insurer compliance with these standards and reserve the right to take action in line with our CTP Insurer Enforcement Approach (PDF, 38KB) if an insurer breaches the standards.

For enquiries about our standards, please contact us.

Last modified 29 July 2021


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