Car crash scamming
is now a crime.

Hang up.

Report a scam call

Report cold-calls encouraging you to make a CTP insurance claim

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Top tips

Be wary of cold calls after a car crash.
Scammers may pretend to represent government, insurers or well-known businesses to gain your trust.
Don’t be pressured.
Remember that a trusted organisation will respect your wishes and won’t harass you.
If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.
Scammers pretend to help you then they sell your personal details to make money. Trusting a scammer with your personal information can put you at risk.
Check if your caller is who they say they are.
Search for their phone number in an independent source, like a phone book or online search.
Hang up and report it.
If in doubt, hang up and report them to us.

Get the facts

It is when someone pretends to help you gain compensation for injuries after a car crash, then sells your personal information to other people to make money.

Scammers may call you unexpectedly and say that they represent a government agency, insurance provider or other business. There might be a delay when you answer the phone and lots of background noise. They will ask you if you have been in a car crash, and might seem pushy or aggressive.

Check their phone number against an independent source, like a phone book or online search.

Please call us for assistance on 1800 CTP QLD (1800 287 753) or email

Scammers may get your personal details through a variety of sources. This includes online booking systems, competitions and surveys, or through people sharing data that they aren’t supposed to. Watch this video to learn more.

Car crash scammers harass people with unwanted phone calls and messages. They breach people’s privacy, sell personal details, and target vulnerable people to make a profit.

Yes, it’s now illegal for scammers to contact you to get your personal information for a CTP insurance claim. It’s also against the law to pay someone for a claim referral.

We’re the regulatory authority responsible for the ongoing management of Queensland’s CTP insurance scheme.

In Queensland, CTP insurance protects motor vehicle owners and drivers from being held financially responsible if they cause injury to someone else in a motor vehicle crash. It also provides appropriate compensation, treatment and rehabilitation to people who are injured in motor vehicle crashes through no fault of their own.


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