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From 1 October 2010, the Motor Accident Insurance Act 1994 has been amended to ban the payment of commissions and inducements (such as staff salaries, entertainment or discounted business insurance premiums) by CTP insurers to motor dealers and other intermediaries for directing CTP insurance business to an insurer.

“Directing CTP insurance business” includes obtaining CTP insurance business for a CTP insurer and giving any form of advice, encouragement or suggestion intended to direct CTP business to an insurer.

What will a motor dealer have to do?

Allow the customer to independently choose their CTP insurer.

How will the customer know the CTP insurers and the premium prices?

You or the customer can utilise our easy to use CTP Premium Calculator. Having a link to this calculator on your computer’s desktop may work for your business.

Current premium price tables will be updated quarterly. If you want a hard copy to show customers, each quarter simply print off the tables relevant to your business.

Click on this link for a list of the current licensed CTP insurers and their contact details.

How will the customer’s choice be documented?

The Vehicle Registration Application form (F3518) and the prescribed content of the Letter of Authority (LOA) require the customer to certify that they have independently chosen the specified CTP insurer.


Last modified 3 December 2020


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