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Six steps to lodging a claim

Report the crash to police


If you are a driver involved in a crash where someone was injured, and you are at the scene of the accident, you must report the crash to police by calling 000. Please note down the reference number (QP number) for your report to add to the claim form.

If you are injured in a crash and wish to lodge a CTP insurance claim, but the crash is not yet reported:

  • complete a Report of Traffic Incident to Police Form (PDF, 117KB) and take it to a police station
  • report the crash to a police station, not to Policelink, so that you get the reference number (QP number) to add to the claim form.

Meet timeframes


Read about and follow the timeframes required for your claim.

Get the registration number of the vehicle that caused the crash


To lodge your claim, you will need the registration number of the vehicle that caused the crash (we call this the ‘at-fault’ vehicle). If multiple vehicles were involved in the crash, get their registration numbers too.

If the at-fault vehicle was registered in Queensland, you can find the CTP insurer online. You’ll need the vehicle’s registration number and the date of the crash. If you don’t have the at-fault vehicle’s details, please contact us for assistance. Lodging your claim online? You can search for the CTP insurer while completing our Online claim form.

In cases where the at-fault vehicle was registered in a different state or territory to Queensland, please contact the CTP regulator for that state or territory. If the vehicle cannot be identified or is unregistered (and therefore not insured), you can lodge your claim against the Nominal Defendant. For Nominal Defendant claims, you follow a similar process but different timeframes apply.

Complete your claim form


When you complete your claim form, please provide as much information as possible to avoid delays with your claim. There are two claim forms: one for non-fatal injury and one for fatal injury.

For non-fatal injury, use either the online or PDF claim form:

For fatal injury, please use the PDF claim form:

Please provide an honest account of the accident, the injury that resulted from it, and the impact of that injury. Providing exaggerated or misleading information about your claim to an insurer is CTP fraud which may result in a prosecution against you.

You will need to print, sign and have the claim form witnessed for either the online or PDF version. Learn more about doing this for the Online claim form in Step 3 of the Five steps to lodging your claim online.

Provide supporting documents


The claim form contains documents to support your claim. You can complete these as part of your claim form or by downloading the separate documents below.

a. Medical certificate

If you’re lodging a claim for non-fatal injury, please have your medical practitioner complete the Medical certificate (PDF, 538KB) for you. The medical certificate helps your CTP insurer to understand your injury and its impact and consider funding treatment and rehabilitation.

b. Claimant certificate

Please complete the Claimant certificate (PDF, 510KB) here or within the claim form itself. This certificate helps us to deter car crash scamming by asking you whether:

  • you are making the claim on your own initiative;
  • you were contacted by someone who pressured or induced you into making a CTP insurance claim; and
  • you were aware of anyone paying a fee, gift or other benefit, to someone for referring your claim to the law practice that represents you (if you are legally represented). If you are concerned that might have happened, please report it to us.

You have the right to either choose a lawyer to represent your claim or deal directly with the insurer about your claim. To be referred to a lawyer in your area, please contact the Queensland Law Society. For concerns about the conduct of legal practitioners, contact the Legal Services Commission.

c. Proof of identity

If you are aged 15 or over, please provide a copy of an identity (ID) document (e.g. driver’s licence or passport) that has a current photo of you and was issued by the government. You need to get this copy of your ID certified by a lawyer, notary public, Commissioner for Declarations (Cdec) or Justice of the Peace (JP). Learn more about JPs and Cdecs online or find one near you.

If you are aged 15 or over and don’t have this kind of identification, that’s okay. Please provide a colour, passport-sized photo of yourself taken within the last 2 years. The photo should be good quality and show your full face, head, and shoulders. Please have the photo certified by someone who has known you for at least 1 year. They need to write on the back or below the photograph: ‘This is a true photograph of [your name]’ and also write their full name, the date and their signature.

d. Law practice certificate

If you have engaged a lawyer to act on your behalf, they must complete a Law practice certificate (PDF, 252KB) both at the start and at the settlement stage of your claim. Your lawyer needs to provide the certificate to the relevant CTP insurer. This helps to deter car crash scamming.

Lodge your form


Once you’ve completed steps 1-5, it’s time to lodge your claim form. If you’re using the Online claim form, you can submit your claim securely online directly to the insurer. If you completed the PDF version of the claim form, please send your completed form to the CTP insurer of the at-fault vehicle. Remember, you can use our online CTP insurer search to find the CTP insurer to send your claim to. Please note that emailing your claim form to the CTP insurer is not as secure as submitting it through the Queensland CTP claim portal.

After you have lodged your claim and it has complied with the legislation, you can continue your journey to recovery. See our overview of the claim process to understand the next steps. For assistance, please contact us.

Last modified 21 February 2023


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