Forms for people lodging claims

The first step of your CTP insurance claim is to lodge a claim form and supporting documents. This notifies the CTP insurer that you wish to claim and provides information they need to assess your claim. View the forms you need for each step of lodging your claim.

Report the crash to police

Before lodging your claim, you need to report the motor vehicle crash to a police officer. If you haven’t reported it yet, complete the Report of traffic incident to police form, take it to a police station, and obtain a QP number (which is a reference number for the report):

Complete a claim form

For non-fatal injury

For a crash where someone was injured, complete the Notice of accident claim form (non-fatal) online or through the PDF form:

For fatal injury

For a crash where someone was fatally injured, complete the Notice of accident claim form (fatal) through the PDF form:

Complete supporting documents

The claim form includes some documents to support your claim. Complete these as part of your claim form or through the individual documents:

If you have any other documents to support your claim, you may wish to attach these to your claim as well. This might include things like letters from your employer or treatment provider, receipts for rehabilitation, photos, etc.

Add extra information (if needed)

If you need more space to provide information, you can attach additional pages to your claim form.

In some circumstances, the CTP insurer may request additional information from you. If they do, please use the Additional information form to provide that extra detail:

Request rehabilitation or reimbursement

Within 14 days of receiving your claim, the insurer will respond and provide you with a claim number. They will also advise if they are willing to fund reasonable and appropriate rehabilitation for you. If they are, you can use these forms to request funding or payment:

For assistance, contact us, the CTP insurer, or your legal representative (if you have one).

Last modified 4 May 2022


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