CTP insurance premiums

To calculate your premium, you need to know:

You can locate this information in the vehicle details section on the Compulsory Third Party Insurance Information (the sheet attached when you received your Vehicle Registration Renewal Notice). You also need to know whether you will be using your vehicle for private or commercial purposes as it impacts on your GST.

Queensland’s CTP insurance premium contains levies and an administration fee to help cover the costs involved in delivering different components of the CTP scheme. The levies and administration fee are calculated annually. Detailed information about the levies and fee can be found here.

We know that without registration stickers, it can be hard to remember when your registration and CTP insurance are due. Sign up to the Department of Transport and Main Roads e-renewals and e-reminders service here and make sure you never forget. Driving an unregistered car attracts hefty fines and, if you are at-fault in an accident which causes personal injury, you are personally liable for all claim costs.  These costs are significant. Don’t risk it!

Last modified 3 December 2020


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