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For crashes that occurred in Queensland

You may lodge a CTP insurance claim if you or your family were injured in a motor vehicle crash in Queensland that was the fault (completely or partly) of another vehicle driver, vehicle owner or person. Your claim is made against the CTP insurer of the vehicle that mostly caused the crash. You can still make a CTP insurance claim if you were partly responsible for the crash, but your compensation amount may be reduced. Learn how to make a claim or view our claim forms.

For crashes that occurred outside of Queensland

If the accident occurred in a different Australian state or territory, please contact the relevant interstate authority.

Hang up on car crash scammers

It’s now illegal in Queensland for lawyers to pay fees to car crash scammers. Car crash scammers contact unsuspecting people via phone; email; or social media and then pressure them (or their family members) to make a CTP insurance claim. They trick people into sharing their personal information, which they sell onto law firms for a profit. Find out more about how to identify and avoid car crash scammers. If you have been contacted by a car crash scammer, hang up and report them to us. You can learn more about how this relates to your claim on our FAQs page.

Prevent CTP fraud

Preventing fraud keeps CTP insurance premiums affordable for motorists and enables our scheme to focus on supporting people who are genuinely injured. Making misleading statements, giving misleading information to insurers or exaggerating your injury in your CTP insurance claim is fraud. If you make a fraudulent claim, you may be prosecuted. Steer clear of fraud and report suspected fraud to us.

What if I am worried about signing the Claimant Certificate?

Every person who makes a CTP insurance claim is now required to complete a Claimant Certificate as part of lodging a Notice of Accident Claim Form.

The Claimant Certificate (PDF, 75 KB) requires you to state:

  • that you are making the claim on your own initiative
  • whether you were contacted by another person who pressured or induced you into making a CTP insurance claim
  • if you are legally represented, whether you are aware of the law practice that represents you paying a fee (or giving a gift or other benefit) to another person for your claim referral to that law practice.

You have the right to engage a lawyer of your own choosing. Alternatively, you can decide to deal directly with the insurer about your claim. It is not acceptable for someone to pressure you or harass you into bringing a claim.

If you have been pressured into making a CTP insurance claim, please report them to us. If you are worried that your solicitor may have paid someone for your referral, please contact us.

Any concerns about the conduct of legal practitioners should be directed to the Legal Services Commission.

Last modified 23 January 2023


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