Be a mate

Be a mate

Queenslanders, we’re calling on you to ‘be a mate’ to make our roads safer. Being a courteous driver is the best way to avoid rear-end crashes and other types of road crashes. It’s easy to be a mate:

  • Don’t tailgate: Leave a 2-second gap between you and the vehicle in front of you. This gives you enough time to brake or respond when you need to.
  • Concentrate: Pay attention while driving. Distraction is the greatest cause of road crashes, so avoid checking your phone, snacking or gazing out the window.
  • Anticipate: Watch out for changes in your surroundings. Things can change quickly on the road, but anticipating changes gives yourself enough time to respond.

In the same way that you wave when someone lets you in, show that you appreciate your fellow drivers by concentrating, anticipating, and not tailgating.

Learn more and share our resources with your mates.

Last modified 6 April 2021


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