Help with Online rehabilitation and reimbursement requests

Discover how to request rehabilitation or reimbursement online:

Five steps to requesting rehabilitation or reimbursement online

Login and register


Login and register for the Queensland CTP claim portal.

Note: you need to have lodged a claim before you can request rehabilitation or reimbursement online.

Complete the request form


Answer as many questions as you can, but if you do not have all the information, you can still submit your request form. You can supply more information to the insurer later so that your request can progress at that time.

Upload necessary documents


Upload any additional supporting documentation, such as doctor referrals, treatment records or receipts.

Submit your request form


After you have completed your form and uploaded all your documents, press ‘Submit’ and your request will be securely delivered to the CTP insurer.

Receive insurer decision


The insurer will communicate a decision about your request within 10 calendar days of receipt. However, you can contact the CTP insurer at any time if you have questions or concerns regarding your rehabilitation.

Last modified 24 August 2021


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