Whiplash injury recovery

Whiplash injury recovery: a self-help guide is designed to help you recover from whiplash injury and to supplement care being provided by a health professional.

This booklet contains a program of exercises to help reduce neck pain and aid recovery from a whiplash injury. Watch videos on how to perform these exercises via our YouTube playlist or by scanning the QR code for exercise. Most smartphones are able to automatically read a QR code through their camera. If your phone cannot read the code, you can download a QR code reader app.

Emeritus Professor Gwendolen Jull and Professor Michele Sterling from the University of Queensland are the authors of the third edition. The self-management advice and exercise program in the booklet are based on the results of clinical trials, research into neck disorders and the authors’ extensive clinical experience in the area of whiplash-associated disorders and other neck pain syndromes.

Watch exercise videos

Last modified 24 January 2020


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