Trailers and caravans

For Queenslandregistered vehicles, the Compulsory Third Party (CTP) insurance policy of your vehicle covers the trailer or caravan you are towing. So, for example, if you tow a trailer or caravan registered in Queensland, your Queenslandregistered motor vehicle’s CTP policy extends to that trailer or caravan. As CTP insurance is effective Australia-wide, Queensland registered motor vehicles can travel interstate with a trailer or caravan attached and be covered for liability for personal injury*. This is the case regardless of the GVM of the trailer or caravan.  

The Queensland CTP Policy – Motor Accident Insurance Act 1994

This policy extends to liability for personal injury* caused by, through or in connection with a trailer or caravan attached to the insured motor vehicle or that results from the trailer or caravan running out of control after becoming accidentally detached from the insured motor vehicle.

For more information, contact the CTP insurer of your registered towing vehicle.

Remember, CTP insurance protects you, and anyone who drives your vehicle, from being held financially responsible if you injure or kill someone in a motor vehicle accident. CTP does not cover damage to your caravan, trailer or another vehicle or property.

Class 24 – Supplementary Policy

Trailers and caravans with a GVM of over 4.5T are eligible to purchase a supplementary CTP policy known as ‘Class 24.’ Class 24 is intended to complement the coverage provided by the hauling vehicle in scenarios* other than those covered by the CTP Policy as described above: for example, if a Queensland registered trailer or caravan is intentionally detached and causes personal injury in or outside of Queensland.

To calculate the cost of Class 24 insurance, please visit our CTP Premium Calculator.

CTP insurance for unregistered vehicles

When moving an unregistered vehicle, motorcycle, trailer or caravan on Queensland roads, you may need to get an:

  • unregistered vehicle permit, AND
  • CTP insurance certificate for vehicle class 22.

You can organise both online through the Department of Transport and Main Roads. Visit their unregistered vehicle permit page.

To check how much your CTP insurance will cost, visit our CTP premium calculator.


All queries regarding trailer and caravan registration should be directed to the Department of Transport and Main Roads. Further information about registering trailers and caravans and heavy vehicle requirements can be found on their website.

Last modified 11 November 2021


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