Car crash scamming is now a crime

It’s now illegal for people to call for your personal details and sell them for a profit. Car crash scammers have targeted over 1.5 million Queenslanders with aggressive and relentless…
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Outsmart car crash scammers

Car crash scammers are now harassing Queenslanders using a new tactic. Scammers are calling unsuspecting Queenslanders and leaving voicemail messages prompting people to call them back. In the voicemail messages,…
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Set your phone then leave it alone

This festive season, we’ve partnered with RACQ motoring club to encourage Queensland drivers to ‘set your phone, then leave it alone.’ The holiday period is the highest-risk time for crashes…
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New laws stamp out ‘car crash scamming’

Protecting Queenslanders’ personal, private information and stamping out unsolicited scam calls is at the heart of legislation passed by Queensland Parliament on 26 November 2019. Deputy Premier and Treasurer Jackie…
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