New free online whiplash resource: My whiplash navigator

Person accesses My whiplash navigator website on computer.

The Motor Accident Insurance Commission (MAIC) is proud to partner with The University of Queensland and The University of Sydney who have developed a free, online learning hub for primary healthcare professionals — including General Practitioners and physiotherapists — as well as those affected by whiplash.

My whiplash navigator is an online guide that has been co-designed by researchers and clinicians with expertise in whiplash, people with lived experience of whiplash, MAIC and SIRA, to provide information and advice based on the latest evidence to support whiplash recovery.

The new online resource is developed for people with whiplash and health care professionals treating injured people with physiological symptoms including neck pain, stiffness and headaches; and psychological distress including stress, anxiety, depression, and sleep disturbance.

The modules are based on previous research that found psychological strategies combined with standard physiotherapy care delivered by physiotherapists, to be more effective in symptom improvement when compared to standard physiotherapy alone.

MAIC Insurance Commissioner, Neil Singleton said the development of nine new training modules will help healthcare professionals expand their skills in managing treatment for people impacted by whiplash.

 “Whiplash is one of the most frequently recorded injuries among people with CTP insurance claims in Queensland, approximately half of claimants in 2023 had whiplash,” Mr Singleton said.

 “By partnering with The University of Queensland and The University of Sydney to develop evidence-based tools and resources, MAIC aims to improve outcomes for Queenslanders affected by whiplash and aid healthcare professionals in its assessment and management. “

More information on My whiplash navigator and other free whiplash resources available here

Last modified 5 March 2024


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