Car crash scamming is now a crime

Car crash scamming is now a crime.It’s now illegal for people to call for your personal details and sell them for a profit.

Car crash scammers have targeted over 1.5 million Queenslanders with aggressive and relentless phone calls about injury from a car crash.

These scammers have targeted vulnerable people to profit from selling their personal information.

Queenslanders have reported receiving five to 10 calls a week and even two to three calls a day.

We have taken firm action to stop car crash scammers. In consultation with industry stakeholders, we’ve developed legislative changes to make car crash scamming illegal.

Car crash scammers now face penalties of up to $40,000 for an individual and $200,000 for a corporation.

Help us to stop crash scammers harassing Queenslanders and breaching their privacy.

If you’ve been contacted by a car crash scammer, hang up and report them.

Last modified 6 April 2021


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