CTP WHAT? campaign addresses common CTP myths

Compulsory Third Party insurance covering people for personal injury and not property damage is just one of the myths MAIC’s new “CTP What?” social media campaign aims to address.

The campaign, which kicked off in May and runs for four weeks, consists of four, 9-second animations that aim to ‘bust the myths’ surrounding CTP insurance as well as increase consumer awareness of choice of CTP insurers both at renewal and when purchasing a vehicle.

An average of 18,000 people viewed the campaign per day.

Specifically, the campaign focuses on the below four key messages:

  1. CTP covers people, not property
  2. Get to know who your CTP insurer is
  3. You can switch CTP insurers at any time
  4. Compare insurers to choose what’s best for you

To view the campaign, visit MAIC’s facebook page.

Last modified 26 June 2018


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