Online claim form


You can now lodge your claim online.

As part of our commitment to continuous improvement, we’re excited to introduce you to the Electronic Notice of Accident Claim Form (eNOAC). You can complete and lodge the eNOAC with the assistance of a law firm or you can lodge it yourself directly to the insurer.

Lodge your claim online

Why an online claim form?

The eNOAC makes it quicker and easier to lodge your CTP insurance claim and progress your journey to recovery. It’s part of our commitment to encouraging the speedy resolution of claims so Queenslanders can recover and move on with their life after being injured in motor vehicle crashes. Our market research and industry consultation revealed that digitisation could better support the experience of people who lodge a CTP insurance claim. The COVID-19 pandemic has also underscored the need for responsive online services for Queenslanders.

Other options for you

We’re here to support all Queenslanders, so we’ll continue to provide the PDF version of the Notice of Accident Claim form for those who wish to use that option. Visit our Forms page to find PDF versions of the forms that apply to you.

Feedback or questions

To get started or get support with any questions:

Thank you to everyone who’s been involved with testing and refining the eNOAC. We’d love to continue to improve the eNOAC, so please get in touch with any feedback.

Last modified 1 March 2021


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