Forms for legal practitioners

There are new legislative requirements for Compulsory Third Party (CTP) insurance claims in Queensland. These requirements include the provision of an updated version of the Medical Certificate, a Claimant Certificate and a Law Practice Certificate.

The Notice of Accident Claim Forms have also been updated to request additional information as required by the new legislation. There is also a new requirement for claimants who are aged 15 and over to provide a certified copy of an identity document which contains a colour photograph of the claimant and which is current.  Law practices who represent claimants in CTP insurance claims are now also required to complete a law practice certificate at various stages of the claim.

The new Notice of Accident Claim Forms contain the relevant certificates, but, if you wish to access these certificates separately, they are also available as standalone forms below. Read more about these forms.

To find out when a Law Practice Certificate is required, view our diagrams. For a legislative summary of when the Law Practice Certificate needs to be given, refer to the Annexure 1 of the Explanatory Notes (PDF, 425 KB) of the Motor Accident Insurance and Other Legislation Amendment Bill 2019.

If you are using Google Chrome and are having difficulty completing a form, try downloading the form or opening it in another browser (such as Internet Explorer).

Last modified 24 September 2020

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