Injury Coding Assistant

The Digital Claims team is using cutting-edge automation technology to raise CTP data consistency in support of more accurate forecasting, premium setting, and a sustainable scheme. At the same time, we can free up skilled staff from routine and repetitive tasks. Introducing the Injury Coding Assistant.

Since 2004, MAIC has collected injury codes using the Abbreviated Injury Scale (AIS) classification. Injury coding gives an injury a numerical code, allowing an organised, systematic way of collecting information on injuries sustained in motor vehicle crashes.

In Queensland, CTP insurers are required to provide MAIC with information about CTP claims, including the type and severity of injuries sustained by claimants, using AIS injury codes. MAIC uses this information to assist with activities such as monitoring scheme trends, setting premium bands, recommending levies and funding injury management and road safety initiatives that positively impact the scheme. The goal is to maintain affordable premiums and a sustainable CTP scheme.

The Injury Coding Assistant automates the injury coding of CTP medical certificates. This project aims to free up skilled staff from routine tasks so they can focus on more complex and value-adding activities. What’s more, it gives our technologists the opportunity to work on new, cutting-edge technologies for their own enjoyment, engagement and career development.

Having developed the initial concept in 2019, we moved into initial discovery with potential collaborators and experimentation with existing solutions. Through integration with our overarching MAIC digital program and iterative approach, we developed a working proof of concept. This year we embedded the product within our live system, and currently the team is working on accuracy testing, following a continual improvement approach.

One of the key features of this project was the constant collaboration between business experts and technologists. Our technologists consistently scan the environment for new opportunities, and are committed to sharing what they learn, right across the business. Subsequently, technologists and business experts have worked together on a cross-functional team to design and deliver the solution.

The MAIC Injury Coding Assistant was presented at the BiiG Innovation Showcase in March this year. It is also listed on the Queensland Government Our Thriving Digital Future: 2023-2026 Action Plan as one of 13 initiatives in relation to digitally enabled government.

Last modified 24 May 2023


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