MAIC funds pilot program to combat driver fatigue

MAIC is proud to partner with the Queensland Trucking Association to launch a 24-month trial of in-vehicle driver monitoring technology.

The ‘Eyes on Fatigue’ project will measure how effectively driver monitoring technology helps to reduce fatigue in heavy vehicle drivers. Generation two ‘seeing machines’ technology will be used to measure distraction, fatigue and inattention.

Insurance Commissioner Neil Singleton says MAIC is pleased to support this evaluation of driver monitoring technology in the heavy vehicle industry.

“We are dedicated to promoting initiatives that reduce the incidence and severity of motor vehicle crashes,” Mr Singleton explains.

“We are pleased to support Dr Darren Wishart from Griffith University whose expertise in organisational driving systems will be an asset to this project”.

The pilot will assess how effectively technology can prevent a crash as well as off-road factors that impact driving ability. This includes drivers’ health and wellbeing, workload, schedule, recreational activities, and family-related issues.

The outcomes will be shared with the heavy vehicle industry and regulators to address the growing burden of distracted driving and its links to crashes and fatalities.

Expressions of interest are now open to road freight operators. Learn more via Queensland Trucking Association website.

Last modified 8 September 2021


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