MAIC supports life-changing innovations competition

Neil Singleton, Dr Dimity Dornan AO, Brodie Ellis, Dr Robyn Stokes and [front] Katie Buckman
MAIC has partnered with Bionics Queensland in a bid to improve and expand the rehabilitation technologies available to those injured in road crashes.

MAIC Insurance Commissioner, Mr Neil Singleton said that whilst reducing deaths from road crashes is often a key focus, thousands suffer serious injuries, amputations, and loss of vital functions that bionic innovations can help to improve or restore.

“Our partnership with Bionics Queensland is motivated by our goal to ensure that those living with the mental and physical toll of injury and trauma have access to the world’s leading bionic devices, implants, and treatments.

“MAIC’s investment in the #BionicsChallenge21 will help fast track bionic devices, treatments, and healthcare solutions for those injured in road crashes in Queensland.” Mr Singleton said.

Road trauma is one of the most common causes of significant injury and disability with spinal cord and brain injury being the two of the most significant injuries which can have lifelong impacts.

“As the regulator of the Queensland Compulsory Third Party Insurance scheme, MAIC’s investment in research initiatives such as Bionics Queensland is focused on preventing road crashes and where this is not possible to contribute to more effective treatment and rehabilitation for those injured.” Mr Singleton said.

“By supporting pioneering programs like Bionics Queensland, we hope to supercharge rehabilitation innovation to develop and deliver enhanced technology to provide a better quality of life for Queenslanders affected by road crashes.

“I encourage everyone working in the rehabilitation development space to enter Bionics Queensland today for their chance to secure additional funding to help develop and deliver their innovative new technology,” Mr Singleton said.

Bionics Queensland has $300,000 in prizes and program support for teams working on life-changing bionic implants, devices, and treatments that will assist those impacted by road accident trauma, a disability, disease, or chronic health conditions.

Entries are sought in four major categories: bionic mobility (e.g., limbs, spine or enabling technologies), bionic senses (e.g., vision, hearing, touch, taste, or others), bionic implants and organs (bio-robotic or tissue-engineered); neurotech devices, brain-computer interfaces and neurobionic treatments (e.g., for Acquired Brain Injury, Spinal Cord Injury and other chronic diseases.).

To find out more or to enter the Bionics Challenge 2021, visit Bionics QLD

Last modified 16 August 2022


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