Quarterly CTP Scheme Insights: Jul-Sep 2022


This quarter, Queenslanders continued to benefit from a stable, fair and affordable compulsory third-party (CTP) insurance scheme.

Between July and September 2022, we:

  • worked with the Office of Industrial Relations and the Legal Services Commission to develop a uniform law practice certificate
  • unveiled First Peoples’ artistically designed car wraps with PCYC Queensland, as part of the Braking the Cycle program
  • made improvements to the ease of use for legal representatives accessing the Queensland compulsory third party (CTP) claim portal

In the October – December quarter, we will:

  • renew partnership funding arrangements with RECOVER (University of Queensland) and The Hopkins Centre (Griffith University) to continue necessary research into maximising health outcomes following road-related crashes
  • continue our collaboration with the Queensland Children’s Hospital and the University of Queensland to negotiate an extension of the Queensland Paediatric Rehabilitation Chair
  • work with the Queensland Trucking Association on road safety campaigns:
    • a safety trailer partnership that promotes safe following distances between vehicles on the road, and
    • first on scene remote incident training for truck drivers who may be required to provide emergency support and first aid prior to the arrival of emergency services at a crash site
  • celebrate the 10th anniversary of PCYC Queensland’s Braking the Cycle program, which has supported thousands of learner drivers without access to a supervisor or registered vehicle to complete their logbook hours
  • host a CTP claims forum for representatives from licensed CTP insurers and personal injury lawyers to work to improve claimant experience

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CTP premium breakdown

CTP insurance premiums have remained stable for Queensland motorists during this quarter.

New claims

Number of new claims per quarter

The number of new claims added to the scheme increased in quarter three when compared to the first two quarters of 2022. This is in line with seasonal trends that have occurred in previous years.

Work continues with the Department of Transport and Main Roads and Queensland Police Service on initiatives to reduce the incidence and effects of road trauma.

Proportion of claims added per quarter

There has been a slight increase in the number of people (22.2%) choosing to lodge their claims directly with the CTP insurer in 2022.  However, the continued pattern indicates that the majority of people (77%) are choosing to be represented by a Queensland law firm to lodge their CTP insurance claims.


Number of claims added per quarter by severity

The proportion of claims with a severity of moderate or above has remained consistent over time.

CTP insurers

Insurer market share

Market shares for insurers has had minimal changes for the quarter, with a continued steady growth for RACQ.

New registrations through motor dealers

Motorists select their CTP insurer when they purchase a new or used vehicle through the motor dealer. Most large motor dealer networks in Queensland use the Dealer Agency Interface System (DAIS) to register vehicles and CTP policies. The data obtained from DAIS, provides us with the insights that the new CTP registration market continues to maintain consistency.

Number of motorists switching insurers

In this quarter, the number of motorists switching insurers were consistent with previous quarters.

Nominations to switch insurer

Some motorists elect to switch insurers during the term of their policies or when their policies are due for renewal. This quarter, RACQ and Suncorp continue to have more motorists switching to them than switching away from them, resulting in net gains in policies through switching.

Legally-represented claimants – Average claim duration (months)

We continue to monitor insurers’ legislative compliance and claims management practices, including claim durations and stages of settlement. Where variations exist between insurers, we are analysing the data and consulting with insurers to understand the reasons behind it. The duration of a claim can be influenced by injury severity, circumstances around liability, evidence gathering, and claims management approach.

Direct claimants – Average claim duration (months)

Direct claimants will often experience a shorter claim duration when compared with those who lodge their claims through legal representatives. This additional length of time can often be attributed to people seeking legal assistance when the nature of their claim is more complex.

Traffic volume

Average growth rates in traffic flow compared to corresponding months in 2019

While traffic volumes have increased since the first quarter of 2022, they are yet to return to the pre-COVID levels encountered throughout southeast Queensland (2019 and early 2020).

Vehicle registration

Number of registered vehicles by vehicle class

Vehicle registrations have continued to increase this quarter, growing by 0.86%.

Registration numbers for class 4 hire vehicles have returned to levels similar to December 2019, and class 3 (taxis) have continued to show a steady increase in registrations since quarter two (4.24%).

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Last modified 8 December 2022


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