QLS encourages public to always trust a solicitor

Queensland Law Society (QLS) have called for the public to ensure that when seeking legal advice they speak directly to a qualified solicitor.

QLS president Ken Taylor said that there had been reports of non-legal firms finding potential clients through online surveys and promising them gift cards for their details.

“It is concerning to the Society that we are hearing of non-legal firms passing on potential claimant details to the solicitors after offering the client monetary benefits,” he said.

“We oppose claim farming and have lobbied for greater restrictions on this practice.”

Mr Taylor pointed to the Personal Injuries Proceedings Act 2002 which currently outlaws paying fees to solicit or induce potential claimants to make a personal injury claim.

“Queensland solicitors are among some of the most ethical and trustworthy professionals, and it is a shame that we see a minority engaging in questionable practices,” he said.

“I urge the public to always speak directly to a solicitor who is qualified in Queensland when they require legal advice.”

The QLS ‘Find a solicitor’ service can assists members of the public in finding a solicitor near to them.


Last modified 10 May 2018


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