About legal advice

Need for legal advice

You do not need to have a solicitor acting for you. You can deal directly with the insurer about your claim.

However, if your claim is complex or disputed it will probably be in your best interest to seek legal advice. You may choose to seek legal advice at any stage of the claims process.

Legal fees

Before engaging a solicitor you should discuss legal fees and how much you may be charged.

Generally, in order to claim legal costs, the payment paid on your claim must exceed a threshold. The amount of legal costs that you can claim depends on a number of factors. Details on the thresholds and legal costs you can claim can be found at Part 4, Section 55F of the Motor Accident Insurance Act 1994 and Part 6, Section 27A of the Motor Accident Insurance Regulation 2004.

For further information on legal advice contact the Queensland Law Society.

Consumer information on legal services

The Legal Services Commission (LSC) publishes a variety of consumer guides and factsheets to help users of legal services be better informed including a guide covering ‘No win, no fee’ costs agreements.

These publications can be accessed on the Legal Services Commission website.

Last modified 9 October 2017