Five-year funding extension agreed for Jamieson Trauma Institute

We are pleased to announce a further five-year extension to our funding for the Jamieson Trauma Institute (JTI). This funding extension highlights our commitment to advancing trauma care and research in Queensland.

Established in 2018 and led by renowned Professor Michael Schuetz, the Jamieson Trauma Institute is a state-wide research facility based heavily on partnerships and collaboration.

JTI is co-funded by MAIC, Metro North Hospital and Health Service and Queensland University of Technology and has a compelling strategic vision for advancing trauma care in Queensland through to 2032 and beyond.

Pioneering research has already led to noteworthy advancements in the treatment of fracture injuries and infection control. It has also spearheaded educational initiatives aimed at upskilling regional clinicians, through initiatives such as the Virtual Training Centre.

JTI’s commitment to innovative thinking also extends to data linkage and development of a Queensland Trauma Data Warehouse, fostering unparalleled opportunities for enhancing trauma data analytics insights in Queensland.

Last modified 17 August 2023


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