Hang up on car crash scammers

Car crash scammers may call you unexpectedly and pretend to help you gain compensation for injuries after a car crash. They then sell your personal details to other people to make money.

Scammers pretend they’re calling from a legitimate organisation, like a government agency or insurance provider, to gain your trust.

They’ve targeted 1 in 3 Queenslanders with unwanted phone calls and aggressive tactics. Their victims include vulnerable people, like children and the elderly.

Insurance Commissioner Neil Singleton explains that car crash scammers, or claim farmers as they are known in the insurance industry, use various tactics to get you to hand over your personal details.

“We’re getting the word out to protect Queenslanders from car crash scammers.

“Our advice is to be wary of help after a crash. Remember that a legitimate organisation won’t harass you or try to breach your privacy.

“If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Hang up and report them to us.”

Learn more about how to protect your identity from car crash scammers.

Last modified 4 February 2019


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