How to claim

If you or your family have been injured in a crash and you are considering lodging a claim, you will need to take the following steps within strict timeframes.

1. Report the crash to police

The law requires that the driver of a motor vehicle involved in a crash in which a person is injured, must report the crash to the police. There is also a legal requirement on the person making a CTP claim to ensure that the crash has been reported to the police before the claim can proceed. You will need to obtain the Police accident report reference number to complete your claim.

If you were the driver of a vehicle involved in the crash, report the crash in person to the nearest police station to where the crash occurred. If you were not the driver of a vehicle involved in the crash and you wish to make a claim and are unsure if the crash has been reported to the police:

2. Obtain the registration number of the vehicle that caused the crash

To lodge a claim form, you will require the registration number of the at-fault vehicle. If multiple vehicles were involved in the crash, also obtain their registration numbers. Identify the CTP insurer of the at-fault vehicle If you do not know who the insurer is, contact the Enquiry Line on 1300 302 568.

To assist with your enquiry, have on hand any details of the crash, registration number of the ‘at fault’ vehicle and if possible, the Police accident report reference number. If the ‘at-fault’ motor vehicle in the crash is not able to be identified, or is unregistered and therefore uninsured, you can lodge your claim against the Nominal Defendant.

Have your medical practitioner complete the medical certificate that is part of the claim form. Completion of the medical certificate (page 7 of the Claim Form) is a pre-requisite for the insurer to consider funding treatment and rehabilitation and/or settlement of a claim.

3. Complete your claim form

Failure to complete all sections of the form may lead to delays with your claim being progressed. Complete a Notice of Accident Claim Form or if making a fatal injury claim, complete a Fatal Injury Claim Form, as fully as you can.

4. Lodge your form

Send the completed form to the CTP insurer of the ‘at-fault’ vehicle together with copies of any reports, documents, accounts and receipts that you have. See Licensed Insurers for the addresses of each CTP insurer in Queensland. If the ‘at fault’ motor vehicle is registered in another State or Territory or the crash happened in another State or Territory, you may wish to contact the relevant interstate authority.

Claims forms include:

Notice of Accident Claim Form

Fatal Injury Claim Form

Report of Traffic Incident to Police Form

Last modified 8 June 2017