Introducing Queensland’s most advanced cooperative and automated vehicle

Australia’s most advanced automated vehicle made its debut on Queensland streets this week.

The purpose-built $1.5 million Renault ZOE2 is packed with high-tech sensors, LIDAR, cameras, computers and software.

It plays an important role in the Queensland Government’s Cooperative and Highly Automated Driving (CHAD) pilot.

The pilot is set to travel throughout Queensland in the coming years to explore how road users accept and interact with new automated vehicles.

It aims to identify impacts of introducing cooperative and automated vehicles (CAV) on Queensland roads. It focuses on interaction with road infrastructure, digital infrastructure, road users and driver behaviours.

The CHAD pilot also seeks to grow government’s and stakeholder’s technical and organisational readiness for when CAVs are deployed on Queensland roads.

ZOE2 is proudly supported by MAIC, iMOVE Cooperative Research Centre and QUT’s Centre for Accident Research and Road Safety – Queensland.

Meet ZOE2 in-person this Sunday at QUT’s Robotronica event.

Learn more about this project.

Last modified 16 August 2019


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