Improvements for law firms accessing QLD CTP claim portal

The Innovation team at Motor Accident Insurance Commission (MAIC) have made significant improvements to the ease of use for legal representatives accessing the Queensland compulsory third party (CTP) claim portal.

Legal representatives are now able to have their own individual dashboard in the QLD CTP claim portal. Law firm business co-ordinators now have full control over the registration and access management of their staff members within the portal.

Previous user experience

Prior to the recent improvements, only the person who drafted a form and just one other staff member were able to view, edit and submit a form in the QLD CTP claim portal.  A law firm would also need to update MAIC when a staff member left the firm to deactivate the user account on the QLD CTP claim portal for security purposes.

MAIC listened to the feedback from our key stakeholders, understood that these processes did not efficiently support legal representatives and invested in creating a co-designed solution.

The improved experience

The Queensland CTP claim portal now allows each law firm to control the registration and access of their own staff members. Each law firm can register as a business in the QLD CTP claim portal and create their own internal workgroups. The new improvements allow the law firm to internally control the portal registration of their staff members and assign staff to appropriate workgroups, allowing members to view, edit and submit forms created in that workgroup.

This new solution allows business co-ordinators of law firms to manage the user access for individuals and workgroups. User access can be given to various dashboards such as eNOAC, treatment plan and rehabilitation and reimbursement requests.

The advantages of this improvement result in:

  • Improved privacy protection for the claimant’s information
  • Improved internal control of access by the law firm business co-ordinators

Contact us at if your firm would like to access these new features.

Our journey in continuous improvement

These enhancements were co-designed with stakeholders to find positive solutions towards improving claimant processes. To get involved:

Last modified 1 August 2022


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