MAIC host CTP insurance fraud seminars

Claims fraud affects all motorists. When individuals lodge dishonest or fraudulent claims, this puts pressure on CTP premiums and takes focus away from those who are genuinely entitled.

That’s why MAIC is committed to proactively responding to reports of claims fraud and prosecuting where appropriate. And we remain vigilant in our education and engagement with all relevant stakeholders to ensure that fraudulent claims within Queensland’s CTP scheme are identified and prosecuted.

Recently, MAIC’s legal firm, Gilshenan & Luton, presented two seminars on fraud to more than 100 attendees from each CTP insurer in Queensland. These insightful and informative seminars covered a range of topics including the requirements necessary for MAIC to prepare and run a successful fraud prosecution, an overview of recent court results for MAIC fraud prosecutions and criminal law concepts relevant to MAIC matters.

These fraud seminars are just one of the many forms of training and education undertaken at MAIC as we continue our fight against fraud to help keep CTP premiums affordable for all Queensland motorists.

Last modified 20 March 2018


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