MAIC reveals surprising data for World Statistics Day

To celebrate World Statistics Day, the Motor Accident Insurance Commission’s (MAIC) Analytics team has crunched the numbers and released data that reveals why Queenslanders enjoy one of the best CTP insurance schemes in Australia.

As at 30 June 2020, there were a total of 4,390,453 vehicles registered in Queensland that included 2,874,476 cars and station wagons (Class 1 vehicles). That’s a lot of cars and it’s no wonder we have more than four million registered vehicles as the Sunshine State boasts one of the longest road networks of any Australian state or territory – with more than 33,000km of roads itching to be explored and driven.

Having the Country’s most extensive state-controlled road network may be a driver’s dream come true, but it also reminds us that it is vital Queenslanders have support if something goes wrong on the road.

CTP insurance plays an important role in protecting the at-fault driver against compensation claims from people injured in a car crash. If someone is injured as a result of your driving, whether they be a passenger in your car, a pillion on your motorbike, a pedestrian or cyclist, CTP insurance can cover their medical and rehabilitation treatment and loss of income related to the accident.

During 2019-20, Queensland’s CTP insurance scheme received 7,827 new claims from injured people seeking CTP insurance, and helped a total of 20,486 injured persons with medical and financial support, including people who were injured in previous years. From these injured people, more than half or 13,849 (67.6 per cent) received support via Queensland’s CTP insurance scheme to cover their treatment and rehabilitation costs as a result of a car crash.

Claims can involve a multitude of scenarios, and Queensland’s CTP insurance scheme delivers critical support to a wide range of people of all ages. From those 20,000-plus claims:

8.6 per cent (1,777) were under the age of 16 at the time of the accident

4.2 per cent (867) were over the age of 66 at the time of the accident; and

8.1 per cent (1,671) were pedestrians or cyclists.

Without CTP insurance these people may not have been able to get the help they needed as the average cost of a CTP insurance claim is around $100,000 and some claims can cost millions of dollars. This could be a life-altering burden for the at-fault driver if they were required to pay this compensation from their own pockets.

Between 1 July 2019 and 30 June 2020, CTP insurers (including the Nominal Defendant) provided $78,691,824 in CTP insurance payments to injured persons to help them receive medical treatment or rehabilitation as a result of a car crash.  For that same period, CTP insurers delivered payments totalling $732,215,965 to help cover treatment and rehabilitation, general care, lost wages, pain suffering, and legal fees.

MAIC is proud to protect, promote and maintain Queensland’s enviable CTP insurance scheme to ensure people injured in car crashes receive fair compensation and medical treatment to enjoy a good quality of life.

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Last modified 19 October 2020


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