Quarterly CTP Scheme Insights: Jan-Mar 2023


Queenslanders continued to enjoy a stable, fair and affordable compulsory third-party (CTP) insurance scheme this quarter.

Between January and March 2023, we:

  • enhanced our data analytics capabilities through the Jamieson Trauma Institute data bureau
  • collaborated with stakeholders, including at the BiiG 2023 conference, Australian Lawyers Alliance Queensland Conference 2023 and Queensland Law Society Symposium 2023
  • provided support to the Emergency Medicine Foundation Special Research Grants Program to improve trauma management in regional, rural and remote Queensland
  • published a discussion paper inviting feedback on options which may enhance sustainability of our Queensland CTP insurance scheme
  • conducted the annual risk premium review for 2023-24 to ensure we continue delivering fair and affordable CTP insurance premiums for Queensland motorists.

Between April and June 2023, we will:

  • review and collate submissions made to our scheme review and form recommendations to government
  • continue to engage with stakeholders, including other heads of motor accident injury schemes and industry partners to promote safety of vulnerable road users
  • continue to support research and initiatives that reduce the incidence and effects of road trauma.

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CTP premium breakdown

The insurers’ premium increased by a modest 3.4% over the year, which is well below Consumer Price Index inflation. This continues our commitment to delivering affordable CTP insurance premiums for Queensland motorists.

New claims

Number of new claims per quarter

New claim volumes remained stable overall with a slight but steady increase in claims being submitted by injured people directly to the insurer.

Proportion of claims added per quarter

About three quarters of people who lodged CTP insurance claims were represented by Queensland law firms.


Number of claims added per quarter by severity

The number of claims added was consistent with the previous quarter, with almost 1,500 minor claims, and more than 300 claims with moderate or above injuries.

CTP insurers

Insurer market share

RACQ has continued to increase its market share over recent months.

New registrations through motor dealers

QBE is seeing an increase in new dealer business.

Number of motorists switching insurers

The number of motorists who switch from one CTP insurer to another varies from month to month. This quarter, the number of switchers trended slightly upwards.

Nominations to switch insurer

Motorists may choose to switch insurers during the term of their policies or when their policies are due for renewal. This quarter, more motorists switched to RACQ and Suncorp than switched away from them. Over the quarter, this resulted in a net gain of 12,719 policyholders for RACQ and 2,653 for Suncorp.

Legally-represented claimants – Average claim duration (months)

We continue to monitor insurers’ legislative compliance and claims management practices, including claim durations and stages of settlement. Where variations exist between insurers, we are analysing the data and consulting with insurers to understand the reasons behind it. The duration of a claim can be influenced by injury severity, circumstances around liability, evidence gathering, and claims management approach.

Direct claimants – Average claim duration (months)

Direct claimants will often experience a shorter claim duration when compared with those who lodge their claims through legal representatives. This additional length of time can often be attributed to people seeking legal assistance when the nature of their claim is more complex.

Traffic volume

Average growth rates in traffic flow compared to corresponding months in 2019

In South-East Queensland, traffic volumes remain around 5% lower than the corresponding month in 2019, before the COVID pandemic.

Vehicle registration

Number of registered vehicles by vehicle class

Vehicle registrations have continued to increase, growing by 0.76% over the quarter, or 3.1% over the last 12 months.

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Last modified 19 May 2023


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