Road Safety Data Bureau funding extended

We have commenced a five-year funding extension for the Road Safety Data Bureau, a vital initiative housed within the Department of Transport and Main Roads (TMR).

Established in 2019, the Road Safety Data Bureau is an exciting example of government collaboration. The bureau is the first of its kind within Australian government to secure commitment by key stakeholder agencies for co-location of staff in a cross-agency specialist team. This includes MAIC, TMR, Queensland Police Service and Queensland Health through the Jamieson Trauma Institute. 

While positive relationships between these agencies already existed, co-locating these roles allows for a deeper understanding of the causes of crashes and their impacts through sharing expertise.

The bureau acts as a dedicated and centralised data team with the ability to meticulously analyse road crash data sourced from various government agencies to develop a clearer picture of the social, emotional, and economic costs of road trauma.

These enhanced, data-driven insights will help steer government decisions encompassing road safety policies, intelligence-driven policing strategies, transport regulations, and impactful public education initiatives.

Reports delivered to date have provided enriched perspectives into various domains, including but not limited to, serious injury crashes, motorcycles, the ramifications of impaired driving, and the safeguarding of our senior adult road users. 

We look forward to the bureau’s efforts in the advancement of data linkages in line with the Queensland Road Safety Strategy 2022-2031.

Last modified 15 August 2023


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