Set your phone then leave it alone

This festive season, we’ve partnered with RACQ motoring club to encourage Queensland drivers to ‘set your phone, then leave it alone.’

The holiday period is the highest-risk time for crashes and last year we reached the highest Christmas toll in a decade.

Driving distracted is just as dangerous as drink driving and makes you four times as likely to crash. Queensland Government recently raised their penalty to $1000 for using your phone while driving.

Thankfully, there’s a solution built into most smartphones. Remove the temptation to use your phone by enabling its ‘Do not Disturb’ function. Then simply set up your music and navigation before you depart and let ‘Do not Disturb’ do its work.

It only takes a moment but can save lives. The best Christmas present you can give your loved ones is arriving home safely.

Discover more on the campaign website.

Last modified 6 April 2021


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