Fatality Free Friday spreads the road safety message

Matthew Waugh

Fatality Free Friday is a nationwide program run annually by the Australian Road Safety Foundation to raise road safety awareness.

Each year, too many lives are lost on the roads due to speed, fatigue, drink and drug driving, distraction and failure to wear seatbelts.

Last year, 245 people were killed on Queensland roads and 5,500 people were seriously injured.

The aim of Fatality Free Friday is to not have a single death on Australian roads for just one day.

This year, Fatality Free Friday was on 31 May. We joined the community in pledging to:

  • always be fit to drive
  • stay focused on the road
  • scan the road ahead
  • keep a safe distance
  • drive to suit the conditions.

Pictured: Matthew Waugh from the MAIC team pledging to drive safely.

Last modified 11 April 2023


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