Outsmart car crash scammers

Man with hoodie and phoneCar crash scammers are now harassing Queenslanders using a new tactic.

Scammers are calling unsuspecting Queenslanders and leaving voicemail messages prompting people to call them back.

In the voicemail messages, scammers offer to discuss services they can offer regarding injuries sustained in a car crash. They provide a phone number and name (e.g. ‘Steve’) and encourage recipients to call them back.

Our recent reforms to Queensland’s CTP insurance scheme make these calls illegal. If you receive one of these voicemails, report them via our website.

Car crash scammers harass people with unrelenting phone calls and messages and target vulnerable people to profit from their personal information.

If you think you might be a victim of a car crash scam, contact us for assistance.

Learn more about how to detect and avoid car crash scammers.

Last modified 31 March 2021


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